HBC CPAs provides a variety of audit and consulting services to a diverse group of state and local entities: town, city, and county governments as well as numerous other governmental and quasi-governmental organizations. Our dedicated team audits financial statements as required by law and provides special services to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

We understand the needs of state and local government entities and federally supported programs. Not only do we offer the full range of services your organization requires, but we also possess the practical knowledge and broad capabilities that come with years of experience serving government entities and programs.

Our firm can provide the auditing, accounting, and consulting services needed to satisfy the requirements of state and local entities. We can provide your government unit with the following services:

  • Annual Financial Statement Audits
  • Audits of School Activity Funds
  • School Construction Project Audits
  • Single Audit-CAFR
  • Fixed Asset System Implementation

Business Continuity and succession of ownership planning

Business Continuity & Succession of Ownership Planning Having a plan established for succession of ownership is an essential step to ensuring that your business' future is secure.  For business owners, the legacy of your business depends on having the best...

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Internal Control and Systems Evaluations

Internal Control & Systems Evaluations Internal controls are the policies and practices established to protect an organization’s assets, ensure accurate financial reporting, and facilitate that goals and objectives are effectively accomplished.  To...

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Fixed Assets System Implementation

Fixed Assets System Implementation Fixed assets often require additional attention because of the complicated tracking and documentation that they require. Fixed assets are constantly changing; therefore, it is essential to establish systems to monitor the...

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Cost Allocation Plans

Cost Allocation Plans Cost allocation is an important step in financial reporting and understanding business profitability. Whereas budgeting determines how much money you spend, cost allocation indicates how you spend money, by assigning costs to cost objects. HBC...

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Compilation and Review

Compilation & Review Compilation HBC CPAs can generate formal financial reports prepared from accounting records. These statements may include a balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, statement of income and a statement of cash flows. Review An unaudited...

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Audits Financial statements summarize the financial status and results of operations of a business entity. HBC CPAs provides formal financial reports prepared from accounting records. Those statements may include a balance sheet, statement of retained earnings,...

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Client Accounting

Client Accounting HBC CPAs realizes many businesses would rather concentrate on business than handle meticulous accounting work. That is why we offer a complete line of accounting services to ease this burden for our clients. Whether you are looking for occasional...

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