Financial statements summarize the financial status and results of operations of a business entity. HBC CPAs provides formal financial reports prepared from accounting records. Those statements may include a balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, statement of income and a statement of cash flows.

We examine your records and financial statements for the purpose of expressing an opinion as to whether the financial statements present fairly the financial position at a given date and results of operations ending on that date in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The report that prefaces financial statements expresses our opinion as the external auditor as to the fairness of the financial statements attached.

Not-for-Profit Audits

Audits in accordance with government auditing standards

Government Audits

Annual financial statement audits
Audits of school activity funds
School construction project audits
Single audit-CAFR


An unaudited review of financial statements of a business or organization is to determine the plausibility of the information. A review includes making inquiries concerning financial, operating and contractual information, applying analytical procedures and having discussions with appropriate officials of the enterprise. Our report that prefaces unaudited financial statements and provides negative assurance that the financial information conforms to generally accepted accounting principles.


The compiling of unaudited financial information into financial statements, schedules or reports based on information provided by the accountant’s client includes arranging client information into the form of a financial statement — no expression of assurance is contemplated in a compilation engagement.